Goals and objectives

RS promotes the realisation of research projects oriented towards development of new technologies and new products with special attention paid to textiles and clothing.

RS especially promotes application of new solutions to conventional productive processes.
Specific fields of technical development regard processability of special fibres, such as non-merinos wool, hemp, broom and other natural textile fibres.

RS is a partnership specialising in technology transfer:

  • Its structure constantly monitors emerging technologies that exist in the transition phase between laboratory and commercial maturity, as yet little-known in contexts outside their original ones
  • It’s a point of contact between technological knowledge sources (university, research centres, supply companies) and end users (private and public)

RS has the following mission:

  • To intercept or anticipate needs for technological development that are not met or only met in part
  • To stimulate ideas, development and experimentation for new applications
  • To develop appropriate IT, demonstration and service systems based on concrete economic applications of knowledge and technologies

The innovation processes we consider are:

  • Totally innovative
  • Incremental
  • For products
  • For processes

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