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Who we are

RS is a centre for innovation and technology transfer, working mainly in the textile and clothing production chain.

Our company boasts the know-how of a senior collaborators’ team with multi-disciplinary competences that range from processing of fibres to production of clothing and relative marketing. Our collaborators thus contribute complementary expertise in various fields of textile technology, from chemistry to IT engineering through economics.
Most of them are backed by over thirty years of experience as researchers or company managers, and currently hold positions as company owners in the fields of IT, textile analysis, managerial or technical consultancy.

RS makes use of know-how gained through development of projects in various textile districts in Italy and abroad, plus a network of experts and systematic contacts with research centres and Italian and foreign universities.

RS actively collaborates and supports:

Goals and objectives

RS promotes the realisation of research projects oriented towards development of new technologies and new products with special attention paid to textiles and clothing.

RS especially promotes application of new solutions to conventional productive processes.
Specific fields of technical development regard processability of special fibres, such as non-merinos wool, hemp, broom and other natural textile fibres.

RS is a partnership specialising in technology transfer:

RS has the following mission:

The innovation processes we consider are:

What we do

RS develops and delivers its technology consultancy services in the following fields:

How we work

Our clients

RS is a centre for innovation that stimulates, disseminates and supports the technical aspects of technological innovation, above all in the textile and clothing sector for Italian and foreign organisations, especially focusing on:

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